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Web copywriting & content strategy designed to help

purpose-driven entrepreneurs shine online.


Because Unicorns aren't real.

A unicorn is a magical horse that has a horn on the middle of it's forehead

that missed noah's arks boarding!

Do ya wanna know what else isn't real?

An individual with *all* the necessary skills to start, grow and scale their business.

(Well...maybe they do exist. Maybe they don't... I've never met one.)​​


Running a business is an emotional roller coaster. You can't ride it alone.

As the founder you have a to-do list a mile long that only gets longer.

The hard truth is...

You are not a Jane of all trades.

Your saving grace?

Is that you can stop pretending to be one starting NOW!

Because I'm here to tell you that...

Yes, you can have a killer website that brings in sales.

Yes, you can have a strong voice and killer online presence.

Yes, you can have a content strategy that attracts more than crickets.

And Yes, you do have what it takes to be successful in your business.

But let me ask you this:

Can you realistically be an epic entrepreneur, an expert storyteller and a strategic content marketer while successfully scaling your business?

Unicorns aren't real. But, a little magic can take you a long way.

So, what's the secret sauce to bring your brand to life?

Make your dream a reality?


The undeniable magic of an epic story- creatively crafted, strategically written and perfectly packaged to encourage action from your customers.

If you stick with me I'll help you shine brighter than unicorns and sparkles combined.

Are you ready to be a unicorn in a field of horses?

Let me lay it down for you...


Oh, Hey There!


I am a Web Copywriter & Content Strategist based in Toronto.

I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs and independent business owners shine online.


I do this by helping you tell a story that's engaging to your reader, valuable to your client and strategically designed to get you noticed on the web​​​.


No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey- just starting out, got a few years under your belt or well established in your field- I'll help you shine brighter than sparkles and unicorns combined.


If you want to be more intentional with your copy, more strategic with your content and finally get noticed online you've landed on the right web page... welcome!



Creatively and accurately describe your services and offerings?

Show how you're different from every one of your competitors?

Speaks directly to your ideal client?


How can I attract more web visitors and prompt them to contact me?


What should I say in this weeks email, or blog post?

How can I attract and engage my ideal customer?

How Can I Help?

I need web copy that works.
I need a content strategy that I can stick to.
I honestly don't even know...


Sera worked with me on two charity events. Reliable, hardworking, innovative and creative, her marketing background made her invaluable to the event as a whole and instrumental in sponsor partnership initiatives. Without her, our events would not have been the success they were.” 

—  Stacey Watson, CEO, Watson & Co Events

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