How does it all Work?

Every morning after I make a chamomile tea and brew a coffee I sit down at my desk and don't just open my laptop and start writing. Writing copy is not something that happens on demand unless, you get a piece of writing for $15 at one of writing sweatshops (you know what I'm referring to).

Writing clear, actionable copy that your audience "just gets" is not as simple as you'd think. Web copywriting is more than a string of buzz words or a catchy headline. It takes research, analysis,

I like my relationships to be as straight-forward as I can so I like to avoid lengthy, complex contracts and prefer to work on a project basis, providing you with a flat rate cost upfront for every brief I'm given.

I adopt this approach for every project I am completing. Whether it be a 10-page website or a set of blog posts, its proven to be successful for both parties involved.

Intro Call

This is where you and I chat about your hope, dreams and desires. Just kidding, we'll simply discuss your business, needs and project goals and if we're a good fit to work together. This is typically done over the phone.


This is 


This is where I'll send you a quote.




“Because even the smallest of words can be the ones that hurt you, or save you.”


- Natsuki Takaya


Let's debunk that myth right here, right now.

It's hard to define what exactly a content writer does in simple terms but I'll do my best.  But first, I will say this: as a web content writer I don't "just write."


I do a lot of "behind the scenes" work before I even write (or type) that first word. I research what people are talking about, sharing on social media, searching for online, the questions their asking and how their getting their answers. I take note of consumer, marketing and communication trends. I also notice what your competitors are doing and how they're doing it so we can differentiate your content from theirs.


In short: Every piece of content begins with a little thing called strategy. Usually it’s a combination of discussions with clients and independent research, but regardless of the methods, the goal is the same: Tell a story that’s engaging for the reader, valuable for the client and strategically designed to get noticed on the web.

So, why is writing for the web unique?

A web content writer is the jack of all trades and holds traits from nearly every kind of writer. We’re reporters, experts, comedians and salespeople. We’re the filter and the amplifier that sends your voice out into the universe, and when used effectively, we are the keys to success on the web. We are researchers, editors, designers, SEO experts, strategists and your allies. We'll make you sound great but even more so, help you to connect with your audience.

So...Why hire someone like me?

Here's why: as a writer on the outside, my No. 1 goal is to learn about your brand and understand your goals. From there, I add in my own knowledge (through research and experience) to bring unique context and perspective to your conversation. I also write for the end customer not you. By hiring me you'll free up more time to actually run, grow and scale your business - not push out content that sounds like it was written in content mill or worse, a content sweatshop (you know what I mean). In essence, you get content that people actually care about and in essence, make people want to listen to you!

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