What Does a Copywriter Actually Do?

When I tell people I’m a Web Copywriter I usually get 1 of 2 responses:

1. A slow nod with no follow up questions or

2. A response like: “Oh Yeah, like writing blogs and stuff!”

Well… not exactly.

The majority of the general public has no clue what a Copywriter does or they think they know (when they don't).

And, it’s not your fault. I’m not here to finger blame. I’m happy you’re here now in search of the answer.

But first, let’s look at where the word “copywriting” actually came from (it's an age old term that's so outdated).

The History of Copywriting

Copywriting dates back to the Babylonian times, the year 1477. This is when the first piece of printed material existed. And, it was to promote a prayer book.

The “job” of a Copywriter began by writing on large paper posters with felt pens. These posters hung on posts and boards around Europe.

There was no technology to reproduce these posters. Meaning, every poster drawn by hand. It was more of an art form than a profession.

Fast forward to 1605 when long form newspapers came into existence. Wow, we can use words to influence and have an affect on our readers!

This was the golden era of Copywriting. The market was not saturated. Copywriters could impact purchasing decisions on a much larger scale.

The evolution of Copywriting didn’t stop there. The first Freelance Copywriter was John Emroy Powers, “the father of modern advertising.”

He was the first Copywriter who did not work for a newspaper. He worked for large department stores like Lord & Taylor and Wanamakers. He created 6 ads in a week and had a strong influence on the advertising industry. He highlighted the importance of copywriters- raising their role across the nation. John Emroy Powers now sits in the Advertising Hall of Fame.

Copywriting Today

The modern copywriter captures attention and leads customers to a desired action. Today, having good copy is essential to remaining competitive. But funny enough, “Copywriting” and copywriters have become, it seems, obsolete.

Copywriting is more than an age-old writing strategy. It involves more than catchy headlines from the newspaper era. It's crazy to think that it's now considered old school or "obsolete." Or, an age-old advertising strategy is "invaluable."

Over 24 hours a piece of copy could change the lives or at least change the perspective of hundreds of people!

The Value of Copywriting

The modern Copywriter creates fresh written content for marketing, advertising and descriptive texts. Copywriters write anything from food and product packaging to meta descriptions. Or, landing pages and email funnels to media releases and direct mail inserts. They even do product naming and jingles!

Also, they must be able to write for the web with a good knowledge of SEO practices.

Copywriting is still relevant to the modern business. The fundamentals of copywriting are still at the core of advertising success. Every small business needs to understand their invaluable without it.

It's the only way to connect with your audience on a deeper emotional level.

Finally convinced that a Copywriter is just what you need to build your empire?

Contact me to today to see how I can help.

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